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Elio Suárez Santana

Elio Suárez Santana

A software engineering  and entrepreneurship lover would fit a good deadline to describe me. When I started some years ago my career , I created my goals around getting the best experience from the talent abroad…. So I did it, I decided leave canary island and I could have the experience, living in different cities( Rome, Milan, London, Santiago de Chile, Zurich, Bergen, Riga, Barcelona, Madrid…) a complicated life but with big dreams and one target, LEARN.

Mvp’s experienced using lean startup methodology.

Technical Skills

Javascript: Angular5(Typescript),highchart,D3.js,Node.js,Meteor, Ionic3, React.js-redux
Java: java 1.8, Play framework, Spring core, Spring web flow, security, JPA,Hibernate,Jsf, ZK
Generators/CMS: CQ5, AEM6

Web: Html5,css3, bootstrap.
Webservices: REST, SOAP,
Testing : Unit testing, perfomance testing(gatling with scala, Jmeter)
BBDD: Mysql, MongoDB
Tools-Methodology: Jira,Sonar,Jenkins,swagger,stash and pull request lover – code review.
Agile Development, Scrum, Kanban, TDD, MicroServices

  • Digital campains on Facebook and instagram
  • AB Testing
  • Data visualization
  • Landing pages
  • Gamification
  • Social media applications

= Growth hacker

In this blog you will be able to learn growth hacking, software engineering techniques applied to the projects I am working on.
This is my linkedin, feel free to connect with me , you can also follow me on instagram.